The Personal Personnel Agency
"See yourself in others then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?"
I now use those 30+ years of experience and knowledge of the yachting industry and the contacts I have made to effectively “people match”; I strongly believe this to be the essential role of the Crew Agent.

I see my brief as twofold: firstly, to assist the Captain and/or owner to put together a team of likeminded people who will work together with a common aim – that being the safety, well being and enjoyment of the yacht by owners and guests - and, secondly, to advise and assist prospective crew regarding further training and to find their 'niche' within the crew of a yacht which will be conducive to their growth and advancement which, in its turn, will also enhance the level of professionalism of the yachting industry itself.

The service I give to crew is always free of charge and my phone line always open.
A happy crew creates a happy and healthy atmosphere on board for everyone concerned, with the crew taking great pride in ‘their’ yacht.
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